We now stock copies of the CRADLE OF FILTH "Total fucking darkness" demo on Digipack CD! Nice looking 6panel Digipack with extensive booklet and notes by Dani Filth! Don´t miss this!

MONUMENTOMB from Kent (United Kingdom) bring forth their debut CDep "Ritual Exhumation". Over 25 minutes of pure old school Death Metal for every fan of BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, NIHILIST, SODOM...

November 8, 2014: ONLINE SHOP ADDITIONS:
AMPUTATED – Dissect molest ingest (CD)
AMPUTATED – Gargling with infected semen (CD)
AZZIARD – Vésanie (Digipack CD)
CORPSEFUCKING ART – Quel cimitero accanto… (CD)
CRIMINAL ELEMENT – Crime and punishment pt. II (MCD)
DECEASED – The blueprints for madness (CD)
DERANED – Cut carve rip serve (CD)
NECROTORTURE – Gory memories (CD)
NEMESIS IRAE – Eradikate kampaign (CD)
NOCTEM CURSIS – Nocturnal frost (Digipack CD)
OMINOUS GATEKEEPER – Six miles down the well (CD)
PATHOLOGY – Lords of rephaim (CD)
ROTTEN LIVER – Purification by debauchery (MCD)
THE NEGATION – Paths of obedience (Digipack CD)
VERMINOUS – Depraved institution (CD)

October 24, 2014: ONLINE SHOP ADDITIONS:
AZARATH – Blasphemers´ malediction (CD)
BEHEMOTH – From the pagan vastlands (Digipack CD)
BEHEMOTH – The return of the northern moon (Digipack CD)
BEHEMOTH – The satanist (Eco-Digipack CD
DARK PARANOIA – Emptied by necessary apathy (CD)
DAWN OV HATE – Death d´hivern (MCD)
DEHUMANIZATION – Meat exposition (CD)
DEMON VOMIT – Brutal blasphemy (CD)
FACEFUCK – Domain of perverted pleasure (MCD)
FECAL GOD – Thee flesh we mutilate (CD)
HERMH – Eden´s fire (CD)
INTERNAL DEVOUR – Aborted and slaughtered (CD)
KORPSE – Korpse (CD)
NECRO – Gore ceremony (CD)
NEPHRECTOMY – Interspecies bondage (CD)
NYCTOPHOBIA – Ritual II : The will of darkness (MCD)
SLAMENTATION – Crawling through the morgue (CD)
SUPREME LORD – Father chaos (Digipack CD)
TERDOR – Levi (CD)
TRAUMA – Karma obscura (CD)
VADER – Black to the blind (Digipack CD)
VADER – Sothis (Digipack CD)
VOIDHANGER – Wrathprayers (CD)
VOMIT YOUR BRAIN – Beauty of morgue (MCD)

CAUTERIZATION – Nasu (Gatefold 7“)
CAUTERIZATION – Nasu (Gatefold 7“ + Patch + Button)

Monthly Specials For November

MONUMENTOMB "Ritual Exhumation"
MONUMENTOMB "Ritual Exhumation"
€6.99  €5.99
Save: 14% off
REX SHACHATH "Sepulchral Torment"
REX SHACHATH "Sepulchral Torment"
€5.99  €4.99
Save: 17% off
BODY HARVEST "Futile creation"
BODY HARVEST "Futile creation"
€8.99  €7.99
Save: 11% off

€6.99  €5.99
Save: 14% off

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